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I used to do Internet Consultancy and currently working
on my own The Local Company web trilogy project.

World traveler, pioneer of the Internet, self-employed since the 1990's, detached from society, in contact with the invisible, still single with no children, I am fortunate to be able to do what I want & when I want. Moved to Europe from 1999/2004 then Asia from 2006/2012 and still traveling since.

Currently in Canada updating my network in HTML5 before leaving for Australia or the Himalayas to complete my world tour with sole objective of finding the path that will lead me to inner peace, and thus be able to be smiling the day of my death. In the meantime, I like challenges and would like to hear from you...

But what do I do exactly ?

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I am a believer that : "Science and technology coupled with people of good will is one way to solve hunger and poverty worldwide" ... and working on this theory.

Friends are calling me : "International" Steven

You can find me in 1 of those 4 locations

I love travelling, I go to eat when I'm hungry, I go to sleep when I'm tired...
Other than that, I'm behind the computer or traveling between 2 destinations.

Steven Quebec

Steven Quebec

Stvn Brgs
Steven Vietnam

Steven Vietnam

Karat Master
Steven Thailand

Steven Thailand

Bitclub & IPRO
Steven Cambodia

Steven Cambodia


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Mrktng Sstm

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Travel Saving Account

Bitclub Network

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Karat Master

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Steven Bourgeois

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Lac Ferre

I am leaving a window open for new opportunities.
Feel free to contact if you have a challenge for me !

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On a personal side ...

Million dollar lesson learned

Million dollar lesson learned

I've seen this last year on a smaller scale and I survived 3 times (*blood bath) but this time is different as I am more involved (*I'm all-in yes) and it was a little bit more difficult to deal with but I'm OK and will survive again. No regrets and BIG lessons learned. Time is on my side... Yes it is :)

TRI crypto course

TRI crypto course

I've introduced a friend to TRI and he signup for the course, asking me to follow him and I said no. Then, he asked again and I said yes thinking it could be a good opportunity to spend more time together ... but 2 days later, shit happennedd and he's stuck in Europe and I'm taking the 3 months course alone.

Seven Lotus Flowers

Seven Lotus Flowers

My back tatoo is still in progress that I decided to start "cover up" already... As I don't like the idea of a big flower below the big buddha so I found a few original designs and will have 7 flowers on my lower back, including my butt. It's been 4 months now and I'm not even half way there : Ouch!

I bought a condo

I bought a condo

I tried to avoid that all of my life and it's at 48 that I finally made my first real estate deal by acquiring a 47 sqm beach front condo in Sin City! I love the location so much that I'm already thinking of getting another one and maybe start a new source of income by sharing with others the best view in town.

Chartreuse founded

Chartreuse founded

I don't drink and stop in Soi6 bars when I go outside so I finally found the missing link with the Chartreuse but it's nearly impossible to find here so I spread the word with the bars managers and the trick is to ask French tourists to bring some bottles when they come to Thailand... and it works.

Buddha tatoo full back project

Buddha tatoo full back project

A fun project here to keep me busy during the winter. I started with an arm and went "full back" right from the beginning. I now been torturing myself for one month and may have 10% done, I now have a good idea of the top and started playing with colors, a long story in progress....

2 more years to wait

2 more years to wait

I just had 48 years young and because I can not apply for the retired visa before 2 more years; I will strategically plan my retirement in the meantime so lot's of fun ahead. I now think this year will be made of Pattaya and next year all of Thailand, prior to get back to travel mode full time in 2020.

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