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I used to do Internet Consultancy and currently working
on my own The Local Company web trilogy project.

World traveler, pioneer of the Internet, self-employed since the 1990's, detached from society, in contact with the invisible, still single with no children, I am fortunate to be able to do what I want & when I want. Moved to Europe from 1999/2004 then Asia from 2006/2012 and still traveling since.

Currently in Canada updating my network in HTML5 before leaving for Australia or the Himalayas to complete my world tour with sole objective of finding the path that will lead me to inner peace, and thus be able to be smiling the day of my death. In the meantime, I like challenges and would like to hear from you...

But what do I do exactly ?

Powerful websites that look beautiful

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I am a believer that : "Science and technology coupled with people of good will is one way to solve hunger and poverty worldwide" ... and working on this theory.

Friends are calling me : "International" Steven

You can find me in 1 of those 4 locations

I love travelling, I go to eat when I'm hungry, I go to sleep when I'm tired...
Other than that, I'm behind the computer or traveling between 2 destinations.

Steven Quebec

Steven Quebec

Stvn Brgs
Steven Vietnam

Steven Vietnam

Karat Master
Steven Thailand

Steven Thailand

Bitclub & NHT
Steven Cambodia

Steven Cambodia

The Local Company

Not including "other people" stuff...
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Shopping Savings Account

Mrktng Sstm

Save 40 Percent

Travel Saving Account

Bitclub Network

Crypto Elite

Karat Master

Gold Director Elite

Steven Bourgeois

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Lac Ferre

I am leaving a window open for new opportunities.
Feel free to contact if you have a challenge for me !

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On a personal side ...

Saving 100 BTC in 90 Days

Saving 100 BTC in 90 Days

I want to arrive in Thailand as a millionaire in savings (*that's just $30k) plus I also want to start vlogging and the equipment needed is quite challenging (another M) and I need to figure out the "how to" so I got myself into a 90 challenge and I just became a crypto trader with the goal of accumulating 100 BTC and I'll do whatever it takes to do it under 30 days.

Room in town

Room in town

The place I'm living for the last 5 years has been sold & I've been given a 30 days delay to pack my things and instead of searching for a storage place : I decided to go for a garage sale when I ended-up giving away my stuff (from 14 boxes to 3) and rent a room in town for 30 days, as I want to renew my driver licence prior to get back into travel mode.

Mining the Ethereum

Mining the Ethereum

I discovered I was blocking my whole downline with a Bitclub account with no active mining pool so I got more pool shares and they were announcing a new mining pool for the DashCoin, Monero (at the same time) so I went ahead and got more pool shares and I am now an happy Ethereum miner, which is currently ranking 4th in term of value in the cryptocurrencies.

Soi 6 Pattaya

Soi 6 Pattaya

I was talking with the owner of 12 bars on Soi 6 in Pattaya two months ago and I backordered this premium domain name and I ended-up winning the auction to my big surprise earlier this week. It's only after that I realized I have a gold nugget in my hands and I think I'll start doing video blog with it, and I imagined Nick Tamer in the process *a story in progress ...

Save 40% + Travel Party

Save 40% + Travel Party

I'm so excited with my new travel company that I think I will focus my efforts into this during 2017 and I started with securing TravelParty.com, as it's seems a popular expression in my new +600,000 community but the development exceed my capacities so I've build a course & lessons website to start with...

Back into travel mode

Back into travel mode

It's time to get back in travel mode (*my 5 years cycle done) and I've decided to continue where I left by going back to Pattaya, Thailand and also made the decision to "get paid for travel" as a way to help me do more of it and the universe sent me to WV, where I'm developing biz #3.

The 5 years cycles

The 5 Years cycles

5 years ago, I've experienced troubles renewing my visa in Vietnam and returned to Canada. 5 years prior to that, I was landing in South East Asia and 5 years more earlier, I was landing in Europe; where I also stayed 5 years, which make me realize I'm living on 5 years cycles and it's time for me to go back into travel mode.

The Golden Shop

The Golden Shop

It's an old concept I had and now that I got a system, it's a perfect timing to create and launch that custom branded cards and I'm working on it ... But in the middle of the process : I learn that the moment that I've been waiting for since +2 years finally arrived so I switched my focus and put the MS & SM in stand-by.

The Golden System, part 1

The Golden System, part 1

I got a crazy idea last month and I've decided to go ALL-IN on it. I'm not even half-way done and it already cost me more than I can handle but that's Ok because big risks = big rewards. I've been told it's impossible and I like that kind of challenges ... So I am on my way to go where no man has gone before.

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